Aslain Youth Ministry

Aslan Youth Ministries was founded in 1975 by Craig and Lynn Ann Bogard and Bill and Dusty Neergaard. After graduating from Eastern New Mexico University, Craig & Lynn Ann first moved to New Jersey in 1971 to work with Camp Shiloh, an organization serving disadvantaged children in and around New York City. During the Bogards’ one-year commitment to Camp Shiloh, they spent 9 months in New Jersey and 3 months in East New York Brooklyn. After their year with Shiloh, the Bogards returned to the Southwest in 1972 to join Craig’s sister, Dusty, and her husband, Bill, in ministry in El Paso, Texas. The Bogards’ time with Camp Shiloh in New Jersey had, however, changed them forever. In 1975, the two couples officially incorporated Aslan and moved to New Jersey to minister to disadvantaged children in Monmouth County.

P.O. Box 270
Red Bank, NJ 07701
Phone: (732) 741-7824
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