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Through our Navajo Nation Outreach program, Four Corners Home for Children provides for the needs of the Navajo people.

Our House of Mercy stocks food, blankets, and coats; we supply Bibles in the Navajo language, including solar-powered Bibles in an MP3 format.

In addition to meeting physical needs, this program ministers to those in need of addiction recovery utilizing the Celebrate Recovery® curriculum. Chuck Reich, Navajo Nation Outreach Coordinator for FCHC, has over 25 years’ experience in the field of addiction recovery and has a passion to help those seeking deliverance from the bondage of addiction. 

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Title: Transforming Lives: Four Corners Home for Children’s Navajo Nation Outreach Program

Embark on a transformative journey with Four Corners Home for Children (FCHC) through our Navajo Nation Outreach program, a beacon of hope addressing the diverse needs of the Navajo people. At our House of Mercy, we extend a helping hand by stocking essentials like food, blankets, and coats, underscoring our commitment to fostering a caring community. In a culturally sensitive approach, FCHC goes beyond physical support, providing Bibles in the Navajo language, including innovative solar-powered Bibles in MP3 format. This initiative reflects our dedication to meeting spiritual needs, offering comfort and guidance in a language that resonates with the Navajo community. A distinctive facet of our program is the focus on addiction recovery, led by Chuck Reich, Navajo Nation Outreach Coordinator for FCHC. With over two decades of experience in addiction recovery, Chuck brings a wealth of expertise and a compassionate heart to those seeking freedom from the chains of addiction.Utilizing the Celebrate Recovery® curriculum, our addiction recovery program encourages fellowship and celebrates Christ’s healing power in the lives of participants. As individuals traverse the road to recovery, lives are transformed through the shared experiences, strengths, and hopes. By embracing the program’s principles, participants not only grow spiritually but also find liberation from hurts, hang-ups, and addictive habits.If you or someone you know is seeking support in addiction recovery within the Navajo community, our Navajo Nation Outreach program is a valuable resource. Join us on this transformative journey, where hope is restored, and lives are changed through compassion, spiritual growth, and the celebration of recovery. Visit our page to explore the transformative impact of the Celebrate Recovery® program: Navajo Nation Outreach Program.