EMC Pregnancy Centers, a beacon of hope and support for expectant mothers, join hands with Overcomers TV to spread their empowering message across the globe. With a shared commitment to uplifting and inspiring content, this partnership brings transformative stories and life-changing experiences to viewers.

EMC Pregnancy Centers

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P.O. Box 134, Bronx, NY 10470

EMC Frontline began 40 years ago with an accidental conversation outside an abortion clinic in Manhattan at 7:30 in the morning. That first conversation led to the first baby saved from abortion by founder Chris Slattery and the founding of EMC Frontline, which is dedicated to supporting young women in need find a path to keeping their baby and living full lives.


We sign women up for insurance. We get them medical care. We give them the supplies they need, like diapers.

Empowering Lives: EMC Pregnancy Centers Partner with Overcomers TV for Transformational Impact!


As an esteemed organization offering compassionate care to women facing unplanned pregnancies, EMC Pregnancy Centers ( finds a powerful platform in Overcomers TV to extend their reach. Through captivating storytelling and informative narratives, EMC Pregnancy Centers showcase their vital work in providing essential resources, counseling, and guidance to those in need.

Overcomers TV, renowned for its dedication to empowering content, aligns seamlessly with the mission of EMC Pregnancy Centers. Together, they bring a message of hope, resilience, and love to individuals seeking support during challenging times.

Witness the heartwarming collaboration between EMC Pregnancy Centers and Overcomers TV, and be inspired by the transformative impact of compassion and empowerment. Discover how these organizations unite to uplift lives and provide a lifeline of support to those on their unique journey. Join this transformative journey as EMC Pregnancy Centers and Overcomers TV touch hearts and empower individuals to embrace life’s challenges with courage and faith.