Good Samaritan Ministries

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The story of Good Samaritan Ministries starts forty years ago in 1976. Then school teacher, Bettie Mitchell traveled on a biblical archeology tour to the ancient sites near present day Iraq. While she was on the ancient wall of Nineveh, she heard the voice of the Lord call her to quit her job and spend the rest of her life teaching nothing but the Kingdom of God.

To hear the story of the Call of the Wall of Nineveh, listen to Bettie tell it in her own words:

This call of God lead to a counseling ministry that started in Bettie’s home in Beaverton, OR where people from all walks of life and every need could come and find love, acceptance and an encounter with the Kingdom of God. Through the years, GSM developed into a ministry of healing with hundreds of trained counselors across the globe.


Office: 503-644-2339
Fax: 503-646-8898

Clients – to leave a voicemail with your counselor, please use our main office number. If you call after business hours you can leave a voicemail on the reception voicemail. Counselors do not have private numbers at our office.


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