International Commission

In 1971, a farmer in West Texas named Ben Mieth led a team of 45 members from First Baptist Church Seminole to participate with churches in Mexico in a week of evangelistic visits, Bible schools, and nightly evangelistic services.

They experienced miracles, launched a new church, and saw about 1,500 people accept Christ that week! A few months later, leaders from other churches in Mexico came to Seminole to invite Ben to send more teams to work with them in the same way. This time, Ben recruited ten American church teams to work with ten Mexican churches, and again many people professed faith in Jesus during that project. The following year, twenty churches in another region of Mexico made the invitation, and IC was officially established as an organization.

Since that time in 1973, IC has been equipping and enabling believers worldwide to conduct church-based evangelism projects to reach unbelievers and make disciples. We have worked in over 179 countries, planted hundreds of new churches, mobilized thousands of believers to share the gospel, and introduced tens of millions of people to Jesus Christ.

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Pastor Chuck Reich & Brent Edwards

ENTIRE Interview – 1 of 4

Pastor Chuck Reich & Brent Edwards

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Pastor Chuck Reich & Brent Edwards

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Pastor Chuck Reich & Brent Edwards

ENTIRE Interview – 4 of 4

Alli Braun

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