Mike Lindell What are the Odds?

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Far more than a “business memoir”, What Are the Odds? is a raw, authentic account by a man many thought would never rise above his serial, addiction-fueled failures. Mike’s gripping narrative transports listeners from his small-town tavern with its colorful cast of “regulars” to Mexico and a drug deal gone awry. From Las Vegas casinos, where Mike won and lost fortunes as a professional gambler, to a jail-cell beatdown. From failed rehabs to his 20-year marriage, an ideal union decimated by addiction. And finally, to the redemption of the most shameful moment of his life.

An unvarnished account of the ravages of cocaine, crack, and gambling addiction, What Are the Odds? tells the improbable tale of how a small-town guy with a dream somehow made it a reality. More importantly, Mike opens up about the God who relentlessly chased him down, turning him from a casual believer to a passionate evangelist with an absolute, mathematical certainty that God is real. What Are the Odds? will not only speak to entrepreneurs and those struggling with addiction, but also to anyone looking for a message of hope. 

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Dive into the riveting world of “What Are the Odds? From Crack Addict to CEO,” the compelling autobiography penned by Mike Lindell. This transformative narrative chronicles Lindell’s extraordinary journey, from battling addiction to becoming the CEO of MyPillow, and is a captivating testament to resilience, faith, and the pursuit of the American dream.

In “What Are the Odds?” Lindell lays bare his struggles and triumphs, providing readers with an intimate look into his life’s highs and lows. From the depths of addiction to the heights of entrepreneurial success, Lindell’s story is a powerful illustration of redemption and the boundless possibilities of recovery.

This book is not just a recounting of personal experiences; it’s a roadmap for anyone facing challenges or setbacks. Lindell’s journey serves as an inspiration for those seeking to overcome obstacles and turn their lives around. His unwavering faith, determination, and entrepreneurial spirit shine through every page, making “What Are the Odds?” a compelling read for anyone on a quest for personal transformation.

For those looking to embark on a journey of inspiration and self-discovery, “What Are the Odds?” is available for purchase, offering an opportunity to learn from Lindell’s life lessons and glean insights into the mindset that propelled him from addiction to success. Dive into the pages of this remarkable autobiography and discover the odds-defying resilience that defines Mike Lindell’s story.

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