Mike Lindell – Lindell Recovery Network

One-on-one interview with Pastor Chuck Reich and Mike Lindell the “My Pillow Guy”.  

Listen in on how they discuss the Rose Garden Speech and the miracle that happened that day.

Mike Lindell also take a moment to discuss his point of view the riots in Minneapolis.

Mike Lindell at the Rose Garden

Horizon Media Studios Partnered with Mike Lindell the inventor of MyPillow.

Mike Lindell and Past Chuck Reich share their incredible testimonials and how they became Overcomers and why they are inspired to do what they are doing now.  

Answering the Call met Mike Lindell at the NRB network.  

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Pastor Chuck Reich and Mike Lindell Entire Interview 

Discussion of the Lindell Recovery Network 

Answering The Call Tv Series met up with Mike Lindell – My Pillow  at NRB.  This was an UnPlanned impromptu interview – HMS EP-137-1

Pastor Chuck prays over the Lindell Recovery Network at the Salvation Army.  Then Mike Lindell shares his powerful testimonial.  

Salvation Army

Pastor Chuck Reich and Mike Lindell at Salvation Army- Praying for the Lindell Recovery Network

Mike Lindell Shares His Testimony at Salvation Army – Lindell Recovery Network

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