New Life 4 Kids

Since 1977

New Life was established with the need to help the starving and dying children in the remote mountain villages of Haiti. Families walked for hours through the rugged terrain in desperate need of medical care while suffering with every disease known and unknown to mankind. Now they have a new life and a new home.

World Harvest Missions Outreach Inc.
PO Box 6462
Lake Worth, FL 33466

Phone: 561-868-5005

Fax: (561) 967-6699

Pastor Chuck Reich and Ricky Bain – ENTIRE Interview

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Samuel Mondesir ENTIRE Interview

Andremese Vilbrun – ENTIRE Interview

Marie Mineille E Jeudy – ENTIRE Interview

Pastor Chuck Reich and Miriam Frederick – Founder

Saint Louis Seide ENTIRE Interview

Francoise Casimir – ENTIRE Interview

Jean Baptiste Ronald – ENTIRE Interview

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