A Gathering of Christian Communicators

NRB 2020 Conference

NRB 2020 in Nashville Tennessee an event for Christian communicators. Whether you work in radio, TV, film, church media, or digital marketing, the NRB International Christian Media Convention is a must attend event!

Discover the Inspiring Interviews by Overcomers TV, Horizon Media Studios, and A Higher Life Publishing at NRB 2020

In the heart of Nashville, Tennessee, the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) conference in 2020 brought together influential voices, ministries, and media professionals from across the globe. Among the standout participants were Overcomers TV, Horizon Media Studios, and A Higher Life Publishing, who conducted a series of captivating interviews with prominent figures. Let’s delve into the highlights of their presence at NRB 2020 and the notable interviews that took place.

Overcomers TV, a renowned Christian media network, showcased its commitment to uplifting and inspiring content by conducting insightful interviews. One of the most remarkable conversations took place with Kevin Sorbo, the renowned actor known for his roles in faith-based films. Sorbo shared his experiences, faith journey, and the impact of media in spreading positive messages. This interview provided viewers with a deeper understanding of Sorbo’s passion for faith-based storytelling.

Horizon Media Studios, the production arm of Overcomers TV, brought their expertise in crafting powerful narratives to the forefront. They conducted an engaging interview with David Welday, a respected Christian author, whose books have touched the lives of many. Welday shared his insights into the writing process, the power of storytelling, and the transformative impact of faith-based literature. The interview shed light on the importance of publishing content that resonates with readers and inspires spiritual growth.

A Higher Life Publishing, a key player in the Christian publishing industry, joined forces with Overcomers TV and Horizon Media Studios to amplify their message of hope and redemption. Their interviews with influential authors and speakers provided valuable insights into their experiences, teachings, and the power of their written works to bring about positive change.

To explore these inspiring interviews and gain deeper insights, visit Overcomers TV’s dedicated page for NRB 2020 Conference at https://overcomerstv.live/nrb-2020-conference. Here, you will find a collection of thought-provoking conversations that touched the hearts of attendees and continue to impact viewers worldwide.

Through their collective efforts, Overcomers TV, Horizon Media Studios, and A Higher Life Publishing showcased their dedication to spreading the message of faith, hope, and transformation. The interviews conducted at NRB 2020 provide a unique opportunity to engage with influential individuals and gain a deeper understanding of their stories, teachings, and insights.

As we reflect on the memorable moments of NRB 2020, we are excited about the future endeavors of these influential entities in their mission to uplift, inspire, and transform lives through the power of media and literature.