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NRB 2021 Conference

In Dallas TXNRB 2021 is the premier conference for Christian communicators. Whether you work in radio, TV, film, church media, or digital marketing, the NRB International Christian Media Convention is a can’t-miss event.

 Overcomers TV and Horizon Media Studios at NRB 2021: A Recap of Key Interviews and Events

NRB 2021, one of the most anticipated Christian media conferences of the year, brought together prominent figures, ministries, and media professionals to discuss and showcase the latest innovations and developments in the industry. Overcomers TV and Horizon Media Studios were proud participants in this prestigious event, joining forces with other influential voices to inspire, educate, and impact lives. Let’s delve into the highlights of their presence at NRB 2021 and the notable interviews that took place.

Overcomers TV’s Presence:

Overcomers TV, a leading Christian media network, was a prominent presence at NRB 2021. Known for its uplifting and faith-based content, the network took this opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and ministries, forging meaningful partnerships and spreading its message of hope and transformation. Overcomers TV’s booth was a hub of activity, attracting conference attendees eager to learn more about their inspiring shows and initiatives.

Horizon Media Studios at NRB 2021:

Horizon Media Studios, the production arm of Overcomers TV, showcased its expertise in creating high-quality Christian media content. As a leading production company, Horizon Media Studios captivated attendees with their innovative approach to storytelling and production techniques. Their booth served as a meeting point for industry professionals, ministries, and content creators, fostering collaboration and networking opportunities.

Frank Speech:

An Unforgettable Interview: During NRB 2021, a noteworthy interview took place between Overcomers TV and Frank Speech. Frank Speech, a rising social media platform championing free speech and conservative values, engaged in a dynamic conversation with

Overcomers TV about the intersection of faith, media, and the importance of sharing a positive message in today’s world. The interview offered valuable insights into the mission and vision of both platforms and showcased the power of collaboration for greater impact.

Highlighting the Playlist: In line with their commitment to sharing compelling stories, Overcomers TV conducted a series of insightful interviews with esteemed individuals featured in the NRB 2021 playlist (https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLx5vW02SPRIbFbSZp2yC0o2LVe9SyfsJu). Notable interviewees included prominent ministry leaders, media influencers, and renowned authors. These interviews provided an opportunity for attendees and viewers to gain deeper insights into the speakers’ experiences, expertise, and the messages they shared during the conference.

Conclusion: NRB 2021 brought together influential voices and media professionals to champion the power of faith-based content. Overcomers TV and Horizon Media Studios made a significant impact at the conference, showcasing their commitment to inspiring, educating, and transforming lives through compelling Christian media. The memorable interviews conducted by Overcomers TV, featuring prominent individuals from the NRB 2021 playlist, further highlighted the shared values and passion for spreading the message of hope, faith, and positive change.

As we reflect on NRB 2021, we eagerly anticipate the future endeavors of Overcomers TV and Horizon Media Studios, as they continue to leverage their platform and production capabilities to uplift and impact the world through the power of media. NRB 2021 Conference, Thanks for joining us at the NRB 2021 Conference