Outreach Aid to the Americas

Outreach Aid to the Americas’ mission is to effectively mobilize resources and partners for relief & preparedness, advocacy, and sustainable development.   We aim to help vulnerable communities by feeding the hungry, standing besides the broken, teaching them new skills, securing peach and advocating for freedoms.

Outreach Aid to the Americas
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Pastor Jose Garcia
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Yaiset Rodriquez
Chris Hudson
Javier Peña
Teo Babun and Pastor Chuck Reich
Rollin Bancroft
Israel Matos
Irela Guevara
Maricarmeni Estrada

Our organization was founded in 1994 as EchoCuba by our CEO, Dr. Teo Babun, and a group of North American Christians. Our initial goal was to support the church in Cuba, a country whose political and economic conditions impede the growth and development of the faith community.

EchoCuba grew into a prominent non-profit organization, demonstrating the ability to work in the difficult on-island setting. However, our growth did not stop at Cuba as we expanded our focus to the needs of vulnerable groups in the rest of the Caribbean and Central America. Our organization’s name was later changed to Outreach Aid to the Americas to reflect the larger geographical area where we now work.

Over the next 26 years the scope of our work also expanded to new areas of need: disaster preparedness, post-disaster recovery and humanitarian relief; broad-based community development; entrepreneurship and small business development; civil society strengthening; and human rights advocacy through the promotion of freedom of religion, expression and assembly.

OAA’s program expansion has relied on a network of collaborating partners in the U.S. and in the countries in which we work. Many of our joint efforts have focused on the development of faith-based organizations (FBOs) which OAA supports to advocate and provide essential services for the most vulnerable members of their communities. OAA’s technical assistance and donations are often complemented by FBO basic infrastructure, such as warehouses, for on-site work such as distribution of donated relief goods. With OAA’s investment in long-term capacity building of the FBOs, the partnership achieves not only short-term results, but also lasting, sustainable impacts.

EchoCuba, which started as the primary organization, is today but just one of the initiatives of Outreach Aid to the Americas, which also includes our Community and Port Resiliency Program (C-PReP)Americas Relief Team and Explore International.