Pre-Born! Save Babies and Souls

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PreBorn! leads and equips Pregnancy Clinics to reach abortion-minded women by sharing the gospel and saving babies from abortion in regions with the highest abortion rates. We provide all services for free to women who come to the Clinics.

PreBorn! is a dedicated non-profit, pro-life organization that supports life-affirming Pregnancy Clinics in their mission to reach women considering abortion, particularly in areas with high abortion rates.

This is achieved through digital marketing strategies that are designed to connect with these women, offering them free ultrasounds and support, as well as providing Pregnancy Clinics with vital grants for state-of-the-art ultrasound machines, evangelism training, and additional resources.

All services provided to expectant mothers within the PreBorn! Pregnancy Network are offered at no cost, emphasizing our commitment to life.

All that PreBorn! does is motivated by a desire to see the gospel of Jesus Christ advanced and God glorified.

Donate By phone

For assistance or to give a fit by phone, call

855-601-BABY (2228)

Donate by Mail


P.O. Box 78221

Indianapolis, Indiana 46278

PreBorn! Network Clinics lead the nation in the number of Clinic visitors who come to know Jesus Christ as their Savior. Through a free evangelism training program, these Clinics are given the necessary tools to overcome any hesitations or misunderstandings associated with spreading the gospel. When Clinics successfully finish and put this into practice, they often see an increase of up to 370% in salvations while also receiving cash grants from PreBorn!

Through the generous hearts of our donors, PreBorn! provides Pregnancy Clinics with:

• Underwriting ultrasound sessions for expectant mothers
• Providing new ultrasound machines (completely FREE)
• Cash grants for the completion of specific initiatives
• Connecting abortion-minded women with Clinics through digital marketing