Sunlight Homes

Sunlight Home

A residential maternity home that provides a safe, loving, family atmosphere that serves pregnant women and teens.

We offer help toward physical, emotional, and spiritual wholeness.




P.O. Box 9194
Naples, FL 34101

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Sunlight Home First 2020 Virtual Benefit

Diane Zingali ENTIRE Interview

Carolyn V Bott – ENTIRE Interview

Theresa Weber – ENTIRE Interview

Lacey Schroyer ENTIRE Interview

Sandra Chance ENTIRE Interview

Susi F – Resident ENTIRE Interview

Cheri Connor ENTIRE Interview

Allyssa M – ENTIRE Interview

Sunlight Home was founded in June of 1994 to help break the cycle of poverty and abuse for pregnant women and teens through a Christ-centered environment.

Since we opened in 1994, we have served hundreds of pregnant women and their children and we have witnessed the positive effect of the hard work put forth by the residents, the staff, and our 12-member governing board.

Since the founding of Sunlight Home, we have never received government funding. We have been able to operate the program, which serves as many as 20 residents and their children each year, through private donations and private grants. Many churches and organizations have come alongside Sunlight to assure a home atmosphere to moms and their children in crises.

Because we are a God-based program we are able to offer hope in a hopeless situation.


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