The Hope Report


The Hope Report is here to do just that….bring hope in the name of Jesus Christ. This faith-based podcast provides a community for believers (and anyone curious about faith!) where we can give each other a hand up, in the same way that Jesus gives each of us His hand whenever we need the support. The Hope Report is brought to you by the Lindell Recovery Network, an addiction-focused non-profit serving recovering addicts, and hosted by Melissa Huray and Jason Perry, both of whom have had lives touched by addiction and other struggles. The podcast features inspirational testimonies and interviews, bible studies, addiction counseling and resources, regular segments with military and law enforcement veterans, and opportunities for listeners to engage with the community.

Empowering Stories of Transformation on Overcomers TV

Introduction: “The Hope Report” with Mike Lindell is a captivating show featured on Overcomers TV (, where viewers can experience inspiring stories of transformation and hope. Hosted by renowned entrepreneur and philanthropist Mike Lindell, this empowering program showcases life-changing journeys that touch the heart and ignite positive change.

Unveiling Transformative Stories as  your source for authentic and uplifting stories that offer hope and encouragement. Mike Lindell, known for his resilience and compassion, engages in insightful conversations with individuals who have overcome adversities and found renewed purpose. From addiction recovery to personal triumphs, “The Hope Report” shines a light on the power of hope to change lives.

Empowerment throughon Overcomers TV: Airing on Overcomers TV, a platform dedicated to inspiring content, it connects with a diverse audience seeking stories of transformation and faith. This program aligns with Overcomers TV’s mission to empower and uplift viewers on their personal journeys.

Explore More on The Hope Report’s Website: For in-depth insights and additional content, visit “The Hope Report” official website at Discover exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, extended interviews, and resources to enrich your journey towards hope and positive change.

Conclusion: “The Hope Report” with Mike Lindell is an empowering show that showcases the resilience of the human spirit and the transformative power of hope. Witness inspiring stories of transformation on Overcomers TV (, and explore further resources on Join Mike Lindell on this transformative journey as he brings hope, encouragement, and empowerment to viewers worldwide.